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How should Laptop Backpacks be cleaned and maintained?

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At present, most brand Laptop Backpacks in the industry will use 600D nylon (the higher the number, the better, 1680D nylon is currently the best material). The higher the value of nylon fabric, the thicker it feels and the thicker the texture of the fabric. In the choice of lining materials for Laptop Backpacks, manufacturers still prefer nylon, generally using 210D nylon lining, which is soft and high in density. Some high-end brand Laptop Backpacks will use 420D lining, which is of good quality and strong. Of course, the cost will also increase. With the popularity, the demand for Laptop Backpacks has also increased, especially the IT people, who carry Laptop Backpacks every day. So how should Laptop Backpacks be cleaned and maintained? Here are some answers.

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  • How should Laptop Backpacks be cleaned?

  • How should Laptop Backpacks be maintained?

  • How to clean and maintain leather Laptop Backpacks?

How should Laptop Backpacks be cleaned?

Generally speaking, most Laptop Backpacks are made of canvas or nylon. Laptop Backpacks of this material can be dry-cleaned or washed. Laptop Backpacks with more stripes and bright colors are best to be dry cleaned, otherwise, they will fade. If you must wash it with water, use a neutral and gentle lotion, such as shampoo or detergent, and use a small velvet brush to gently brush Laptop Backpacks back and forth along the lines. Of course, the final drying is a very important step. If you are afraid of coloring, wrap the cleaned Laptop Backpack with a lot of toilet paper, and it must be close to the surface of the bag. This can prevent coloring and prevent the canvas from getting dirty.

How should Laptop Backpacks be maintained?

Special attention is that Laptop Backpacks must be dried in the shade or air-dried. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and when drying, it is best to turn Laptop Backpack lining out to dry, to prevent the surface of the Laptop Backpack from drying. If Laptop Backpacks with leather are not soaked, avoid sun exposure, and remove the activity accessories before washing.

How to clean and maintain leather Laptop Backpacks?

The Leather Laptop Backpacks, like any other leather bag, require careful care to last longer. In daily life, leather Laptop Backpacks need to be wiped with a fine flannel. If the leather Laptop Backpack is mildewed in the rain, you can wipe it off with a soft dry cloth to prevent stains or watermarks, and wrinkles on the surface. But don't rub the leather Laptop Backpacks with water and gasoline.

Since cowhide, sheepskin, and pigskin are mainly composed of protein, they are susceptible to moisture, mildew, and insects. Therefore, when using a leather Laptop Backpacks, avoid contact with oil, acid, and alkaline substances, and regularly send it to a professional leather maintenance store for a thorough cleaning, disinfection, and proper storage, so that the original appearance of the leather Laptop Backpacks can be maintained and extended Service life. When the leather Laptop Backpack is wrinkled, it can be ironed with an iron, and the temperature can be controlled between 60 and 70 degrees Celsius. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth as a lining ironing cloth, and at the same time keep moving the iron.

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