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How to care for Leather Handbags?

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The leather surface of Leather Handbags is also like our skin, it needs maintenance and care, and it also needs proper care methods and means, otherwise, it will only be counterproductive. Be nice to your beloved Leather Handbag, and it will accompany us further. The sense of luxury sometimes does not lie in how expensive the clothing is, but whether the details are exquisite and tidy. Therefore, whether your Leather Handbag is ordinary goods or brand-name, you must cherish and maintain it so that you will not be rude when you take it out. Of course, the current Leather Handbag care and repair technicians are very sophisticated, but even so, it is not as important as the initial care. Careful and exquisite care can greatly extend the life and gloss of Leather Handbags. Let me learn how to care for Leather Handbags. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • The nursing method of Leather handbags.

  • Precautions for the care of Leather Handbags.

The nursing method of Leather handbags.

After buying a new Leather Handbag, you should clean the surface every two or three months, but remember to use a good-quality leather care cream. This step must not be ignored, because proper protection can prevent contamination, grease, and prevent various problems. Even if you are afraid of trouble, at least wipe it with a wet wipe, but the idea is to clean it thoroughly with special supplies regularly to keep the Leather Handbag in its best condition. Follow the specific steps below to keep your Leather Handbags new forever.

If your Leather Handbag is commonly used, you should mix a small amount of soapy water with warm water once a week, and wipe off the dirt on the Leather Handbag with a soft damp cloth. Wipe along with the leather texture of the Leather Handbag. This is done to avoid damage to the leather. Even if the handbag is stained with oil, do not use water to remove it, because it will easily damage the Leather Handbag. The cleaner that can be used. Do not use baby wipes, vinegar, or any household products to remove stains, because these products contain chemicals that may cause the Leather Handbag to fade, dry, or even leave unsightly marks.

If the Leather Handbag has a certain history, never try to remove it by yourself, you should find an experienced expert to solve it. When storing Leather Handbags, you should insert an appropriate amount of padding to support the shape of the Leather Handbag.

Some cream cleaners can be applied directly to Leather Handbags to clean up stubborn stains. Although they may be more expensive, they are also worth using just in case. Your Leather Handbag is made of velvet, leather, metal, and other different materials, so you should carefully choose the corresponding cleaning supplies. For example, general leather cleaners are not effective for suede stains. In case there is no way to solve the stains, you can finally try shoe polish that is similar in color to the Leather Handbag and gently wipe it in a small area. Before using a new cleaning product, you should pick an inconspicuous location to test to ensure that it will not ruin the entire Leather Handbag. Saddle soap is a very famous leather cleaning product, but it is too strong for Leather Handbags and it will easily fade. There are also sticky hands after using hand cream. It is not advisable to touch the Leather Handbag directly unless you want to leave oil stains on the Leather Handbag.

When buying a Leather Handbag, a dust bag is attached. Don't throw it away at will, because it is very useful for keeping the Leather Handbag clean. Even if there is no dust bag, at least use an old pillowcase to wrap it. The Leather Handbag should be hidden away from direct sunlight to prevent the Leather Handbag from fading.

If you are holding a light-colored Leather Handbag, try not to wear dark clothes. Because the dye on the clothes may fade, it is difficult to remove the dye on the Leather Handbag. If the Leather Handbag has an unpleasant smell, you can use deodorant, but you should not use a deodorant spray because they may damage the leather. If there is a lingering smell, you can pour some baking powder into the open container and carefully put it into the Leather Handbag. Then put the Leather Handbag in the dust bag for 24 hours to allow the baking powder to absorb the smell.

Finally, be careful not to arbitrarily use products such as bag cleaners and care oils. You must first figure out the leather and detergent ingredients of the Leather Handbag, and then choose the correct product to care for the Leather Handbag.

Precautions for the care of Leather Handbags.

First, Leather Handbags, like shoes, are another type of active substance. Using the same Leather Handbags every day can easily cause the elasticity of the leather to be fatigued. Therefore, it must be used interchangeably, just like shoes. If the Leather Handbag gets wet accidentally, you can use a dry towel to absorb the moisture first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines, and other things in it and dry it in the shade. Don't expose it to the sun directly, it will make your favorite Leather Handbag fade.

Second, the Leather Handbag can be cleaned with rubber, and if it is relatively shallow dirt that suddenly appears, it can be dealt with immediately. Use the most common student eraser, not the eraser that bluffs children into various shapes and colors, or even tastes like candy. The point is to use the kind of rubber that does not drop scum.

Third, there are many good uses for used stockings, and taking care of Leather Handbags is also one of them. It can be used to store leftover crushed soap for maximum use. Take care of Leather Handbags is also one. This is ideal for starting to clean up floating ash or not too dirty stains on Leather Handbags. But be careful, be sure to wear ordinary silk socks that won't fade.

Fourth, the soft bristle brush can be a soft brush with bristles for washing your face, or a shoe brush, which is mainly soft and not too hard, otherwise it will damage the leather. Toothbrushes are also okay, depending on the area that needs to be cleaned. It is mainly used to clean up sturdy old flowers or the floating dust stuck in the seams on the canvas bag. This is also a good way to solve the dirty Leather Handbag.

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