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The advantages and disadvantages of PU Handbags and precautions for maintenance

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There are many kinds of bag materials. PU Handbags are very popular bags in recent years. Because of their lower prices and more stylish styles, they are very popular among the public. So do you know the advantages and disadvantages of PU Handbags and the precautions for maintenance? Next, I will give you a popular science, and those who like PU Handbags must know about it. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Advantages of PU Handbags.

  • Disadvantages of PU Handbags.

  • Precautions for the maintenance of PU Handbags.

  • How to remove the peculiar smell from PU Handbags.

Advantages of PU Handbags.

First, PU Handbags are lighter to use, have better elasticity, and feel soft and comfortable. PU Handbags have good air permeability and water resistance, are very environmentally friendly and have relatively low consumption. Second, PU Handbags will not become hard or deformed due to lower temperatures in winter, and will not fade and age easily under strong light, and will not easily become old and have a longer service life. Third, PU Handbags are low in cost, so the price will be cheaper, and their appearance and performance are similar to those of natural leather. It is very convenient to take care of and has strong flexibility. Fourth, the surface of PU Handbags is very smooth and compact, which can be processed and dyed, so PU Handbags have more novel styles and diversified fashions.

Disadvantages of PU Handbags.

PU Handbags are not easy to shape, and they are also very easy to deform, and traces are easy to appear after being pressed. Moreover, the stretch of PU Handbags is relatively small, not abrasion-resistant, and more likely to be damaged.

Precautions for the maintenance of PU Handbags.

You can use a dry towel to wipe the moisture or stains on the surface of the PU Handbag. If a detergent is used, it is best to apply a layer of brightener after cleaning. This will make the PU Handbag look brand new and keep the PU Handbag soft and comfortable. degree. And you can't put PU Handbags in the sun, don't touch corrosive items, you can often wipe the dust on the PU Handbags with a soft cotton cloth when in use, to avoid dirty and deterioration that is not easy to clean.

How to remove the peculiar smell from PU Handbags.

First, lemon peel, orange peel, or grapefruit peel are the most natural odor-removing materials. You can put the peel in a PU Handbag, and it will not taste after 1 to 2 days. You can also put some fragrances and the like.

Second, fold it with toilet paper and put it in a PU Handbag. The toilet paper can absorb the smell, and the ventilated toilet paper can be reused. If there is a peculiar smell on the outside of the PU Handbag, you can put the PU Handbag in a large box, and then put some toilet paper around, so that the smell on the outside of the PU Handbag can also be absorbed.

Third, generally, put PU Handbags in a well-ventilated place at home. After a day or two, there will be no smell. This method is the most convenient and easiest.

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