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What are the characteristics of laptop briefcases?

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For office workers, because of work needs, most of the time they have to carry a laptop with them. To carry the computer conveniently, a professional laptop briefcase is generally chosen to load the computer. Why do office workers like laptop briefcases? What are its characteristics?

Here is the content list:

  • Shock absorption of a laptop briefcase

  • The toughness of laptop briefcases

  • Waterproof of a laptop briefcase

Shock absorption of a laptop briefcase

Notebook computers are relatively expensive electronic products, such as LCD screens, hard drives, and many internal chips, which are fragile and have poor shock resistance, and require careful care. The bumps in the carrying process of the laptop briefcase and the hard object caused by carelessness will pose a threat to the safety of the notebook. Therefore, the seismic performance design of the laptop briefcase is very important. Usually, a sponge cushion is used as an anti-vibration layer in the part of the laptop briefcase that directly contacts the laptop, which can reduce the direct impact of external forces on the computer. Find the most suitable matching protective space for the laptop, so that your laptop will not dangle in the laptop briefcase and improve the anti-vibration performance of the machine.

The toughness of laptop briefcases

At present, the weight of mainstream notebooks is around 2.2KG, so the most important thing to pay attention to is the materials and workmanship of the laptop briefcase. Ordinary laptop briefcases are naturally incapable of long-term heavy-duty use, and an accident may cause fatal damage to your laptop. Therefore, the materials used in the laptop briefcase must first be high-quality, otherwise, after your laptop briefcase has been used for a period of time, the thread will start to explode, the strap hook will lose, etc., an accident, a valuable laptop inside May encounter fatal injuries. High-quality laptop briefcases must undergo rigorous product testing in all aspects before they leave the factory. For example, the metal buckle of the laptop briefcase has to undergo repeated tensile tests and load tests, and the plastic products it chooses are also tested. The hardness test is performed, because the plastic that is too hard in a cold area will burst, which will bring a lot of trouble to the product.

Waterproof of a laptop briefcase

The most important thing about laptop briefcases is water resistance because laptops are purchased for the convenience of a mobile office. If you go out and have a rainy day, or accidentally spill a drink on it, if the bag has good waterproof performance, we will You can sit back and relax when you encounter these accidents.

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