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What are the design principles of laptop briefcases?

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For office workers, because of work needs, most of the time they have to carry a laptop with them. To carry the computer conveniently, a professional laptop briefcase is generally chosen to load the computer. So, what principles should be followed when designing laptop briefcases? Here are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

  • Enough functional partition space inside

  • Convenient for users to put items in and out

  • Earthquake-proof design principles

  • Waterproof design principles

  • Style principle

Enough functional partition space inside

In addition to basic equipment such as the laptop itself, mouse, power cord, and power adapter, laptop users may also carry portable storage devices such as CDs, U disks, mobile hard drives, and MP3s. They can also carry a small number of books, paper, and pens. Or bring some personal items such as mobile phones, cigarettes, vanity mirrors, facial tissues, and so on. The design of the laptop briefcase must consider the storage space of these possible items to facilitate the user to carry the possible related items.

Convenient for users to put items in and out

To ensure the stability and safety of related objects, different functional partitions of the laptop briefcase are provided with locks. The opening and closing of these locks should conform to the principles of easy opening and closing, such as zip locks, viscous locks, and elastic bags so that users can easily and easily load and take out related items.

Earthquake-proof design principles

Notebook computers are relatively expensive electronic products, such as LCD screens, hard drives, and many internal chips, which are fragile and have poor shock resistance, and require careful care. The bumps in the carrying process of the laptop briefcase and the hard object caused by carelessness will pose a threat to the safety of the notebook. Therefore, the seismic performance design of the laptop briefcase is very important. Usually, a sponge cushion is used as an anti-vibration layer in the part of the laptop briefcase that directly contacts the laptop, which can reduce the direct impact of external forces on the computer.

Waterproof design principles

The outer surface of the laptop briefcase needs to be made of waterproof fabric to protect the laptop and the laptop briefcase itself from natural rain and snow. Rainproof cloth leather and new organic waterproof materials are materials that can be used on the outer surface of laptop briefcases.

Style principle

The style principle means that the laptop briefcase, as a part of the fashion, makes a design plan with an obvious formal inclination to coordinate with the user's age identity and clothing style. Due to the differences in the user's clothing characteristics, personal taste, temperament, and other aspects of the occasion, the appearance of the laptop briefcase must be compatible to maintain consistency and avoid appearing in an abrupt image. Although the choice of styles of laptop briefcases lies with consumers, the purpose of the design is to make the appearance of laptop briefcases have a clear style and style tendency to provide consumers with choices according to their own needs. Personality, cuteness, and liveliness. The girl is suitable for choosing laptop briefcases with sleek shapes, full decorations, cartoonish colors, bright colors, soft and comfortable texture, and other morphological characteristics. Business travelers attending formal occasions wearing suits and neat suits are suitable for laptop briefcase styles with simple shapes, simple decorations, simple colors, smooth texture, noble forms, and features. In short, the design of laptop briefcases should be designed for different people and occasions to design a variety of different styles to meet the needs of different people.

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