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What are the requirements for the materials of the laptop briefcase?

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With the rapid economic development, people hope to be able to work anytime, anywhere, so small and light notebook computers are becoming more and more popular among business people. To carry a laptop computer, it is often necessary to be equipped with a laptop briefcase. There are many choices of materials for laptop briefcases, but no matter what kind of laptop briefcases, they must meet certain requirements. What requirements must they meet? Here are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

  • Waterproof

  • Wear-resistant and durable

  • Requires multiple and thick compartments

laptop briefcase


The outer surface of the laptop briefcase needs to be made of a waterproof fabric so that it can protect the laptop and laptop briefcase itself from natural rain and snow. Rainproof cloth leather and new organic waterproof materials are materials that can be used on the outer surface of laptop briefcases. Therefore, the material of the laptop briefcase must be waterproof, otherwise, it will easily cause damage to the computer circuit.

Wear-resistant and durable

It is wear-resistant because notebook computers are relatively expensive electronic products, such as LCD screens, hard drives, and many internal chips, which are fragile and have poor shock resistance, and require careful care. The bumps in the carrying process of the laptop briefcase and the hard object caused by carelessness will pose a threat to the safety of the notebook. Portable computer briefcases are prone to unfavorable factors such as scratches and friction, so wear resistance is very important. Durability is because the weight of the computer is very heavy. The laptop briefcase must be durable or it will be damaged.

Requires multiple and thick compartments

In addition to basic equipment such as the laptop itself, mouse, power cord, and power adapter, laptop users may also carry portable storage devices such as CDs, U disks, mobile hard drives, and MP3s. They can also carry a small number of books, paper, and pens. Or bring some personal items such as mobile phones, cigarettes, vanity mirrors, facial tissues, and so on. The design of the laptop briefcase must take into account the storage space for these possible items to facilitate the user to carry the possible related items. At the same time, the charger, mouse, computer, etc. placed in a compartment will cause electromagnetic interaction, so the compartment of the laptop briefcase is needed to separate them. Thickness requires that the material of the laptop briefcase should be rough, generally made of thick fiber, if the surface is too delicate, it will easily cause damage to the surface of the laptop briefcase.

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