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What is a laptop briefcase?

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Laptop briefcases belong to the category of 3C digital accessories and luggage products, appearing with the advent of notebooks. He is a suitcase used to hold notebooks and official documents. What else do you know about laptop briefcases? Here are some introductions.

Here is the content list:

  • Features

  • Cleaning method

  • Buying guide


With the development of technology and the times, the styles of laptop briefcases are not only men's and women's, but more unisex bags have been launched one after another.

10.6, 12.1, 13.3, 14.1, 15.2, 15.4, 17-inch packages are available. With the introduction of more different sizes of notebooks, manufacturers of laptop briefcases are also rapidly launching matching-size bags. Nowadays, 13–15-inch bags are the main ones on the market.

The materials (fabrics) of laptop briefcases include various levels of ballistic nylon, twill nylon, fine nylon, reinforced polyamide, nylon, real cowhide, etc.

The protective layer material of the laptop briefcase includes various grades of memory foam and an ordinary sponge.

Cleaning method

Treatment of oil stains: When cleaning the laptop briefcases stained with oil stains, you can use detergent to directly scrub the oil stains. If it is not black, red, and other dark-colored fabrics, you can use washing powder to brush lightly.

Fading method of the fabric (except for black fabric): First soak the laptop briefcase in strong salt water for one minute, then change the saltwater to clean water, and use a soapy water soft brush to brush evenly.

Treatment of mildew: Soak in warm soapy water at 40 degrees for 10 minutes, and then perform the conventional treatment. For laptop briefcases made of pure white fabrics, you can soak them in soapy water, and then put the moldy area in the sun for 10 minutes, and then perform conventional treatments.

Buying guide

Check the protection of the package

We buy laptop briefcases to protect our valuable notebooks from harm, which is very important. To protect your laptop, the laptop briefcase must have strong resistance to shocks, otherwise, the laptop briefcase will lose a lot of it falls on the ground. It is best to choose the inner liner with a lining frame, at least with a high-density foam sponge interlayer, if there is an air cushion protection, it would be even better. This inflatable cushion design is currently the most advanced in the world. It is inspired by the shock-absorbing principle of air-cushioned running shoes. The built-in inflatable cushion can make the notebook seem to be on an air bed, with ordinary vibrations, bumps, bumps, and falls. Falling can't hurt it at all.

Waterproof and toughness of the bag

Generally, the inner layer of the laptop briefcase is designed with a waterproof layer, and the ordinary drizzle is not a problem, and it will not harm your favorite machine. Laptop briefcases produced by regular manufacturers have to undergo a water splash test. In addition, if you don’t want to use your laptop briefcase for a while, or if you run on the way, then the notebook suddenly falls out of the bag. This phenomenon occurs, so the laptop briefcase is strong. Durability is very important. High-quality pen laptop briefcases must undergo rigorous testing in this respect before they leave the factory.

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